Summer Excursion

river-cruiseExperience the best of Crystal River summers.

This 4.5 hour excursion lets you explore the Indian River, Crystal River, Kings Bay, Salt River and the Gulf of Mexico.

The tour will first look for the endangered manatees and hopefully provide you with the opportunity to observe them from the boat. There will be an opportunity to get in the water and swim with manatees, however, during rare instances they are feeding or resting and do not want to be disturbed and the Captain may not have people swim with them.

The tour will then go down the Salt River with a chance to see local wading birds and perhaps a dolphin or two.

Next the boat will anchor in the flats of the Gulf of Mexico and provide a chance to snorkel.  There is a chance to observe fish, rays, urchins, sea stars, and sometimes seahorses. Then the tour will continue in the Gulf and back via the Crystal River.

There is plenty of room on these 6-passenger boats and you are encouraged to bring sandwiches or snacks.  We will provide water as well as snorkel gear.

Meet at the shop at 9:00am and return about 2:00pm