Tour 1: Rainbow River Drift Dive

  • 25 ft. Maximum Depth
  • $99  2 Diver Rate Per Person, gear not included except tanks and weights
  • $199.99 Single Diver, includes full rental gear.
  • $55 for Snorkelers,  in addition to a diver
  • Park Admission and Water Taxi included for all participants
  • Snorkeling gear is included
  • Scuba gear rental $40 per person

Makes a great family activity, since divers and non-divers can participate together.
The Rainbow River in Dunnellon, Florida is known for its pristine beauty and natural conditions. The facilities include a boat ramp, changing room, and small beach. You will enter the Rainbow River and then drift dive with your guide down-stream. There are numerous small caverns, boils, and popcorn springs along the way.

There are several different kinds of fresh water fish such as bass, brim, and gar that live in the waters.
Combine with a morning manatee tour or you can book this dive in the morning.  If  you were to order a perfect dive, the Rainbow River adventure has everything you would want: 100 ft. visibility, calm water, 72 degree temperature year round, and plenty of wildlife.

Great for every level of experience. The river flows crystal clear for 7 miles and has hundreds of bubbling springs.
Disposable items and fishing, and are not allowed on the river so that it remains in a near natural state.  We caution against late Spring and Summer weekend afternoons because the park is quite crowded.

Tour 2: Devil’s Den / Blue Grotto COMBO

  • 100 ft. Maximum Depth
  • $275Single Diver,
  • $175 for Multiple Divers,
  • $250 Single Dive Site, Single Diver
  • $150 Single Dive Site, Multiple Divers
  • Includes entrance fees
  • Dive guide and complementary gear.
  • Two locations, one dive at each site.
  • These are all open water dives.

Located in Williston, Florida, Blue Grotto is a cavern system great for open water divers. One of the more unique aspects of Blue Grotto is their fresh air filled “bell” located at 30 feet. This air bell is constantly being supplied by a compressor, so you don’t have to worry about CO2 retention. It can fit several divers at once.

While in the bell, you can take out your regulator and look through the glass at the people swimming above you. You can explore the open cavern system without any more than open water certification, although it is recommend that you limit yourself to a 60 foot maximum depth. Past this point it can become silty and quite dark. There is a large area for picnics and outdoor sports. The water is a constant 72 degrees year round. There are showers and changing areas.

Devils Den is an underground spring inside a dry cave in Williston, Florida. The remains of many extinct animals from the Pleistocene Age (2 million – 10,000 years ago) were discovered at Devil’s Den, including the bones of early man, dating back to 75,000 B.C. The year-round spring temperature is 72. On cold winter mornings you can see steam rising from the hole in the top of the dome. The early settlers called the place Devil’s Den because of the smoke-like appearance caused by the steam. This is a good site for open water divers who wish to experience cavern diving and swim in an underground lake.

Devil’s Den Double Dip – Two Dives $150 per person. Includes Air and Weights. Gear is not included

Blue Grotto Double Dip – Two Dives $150 per person. Includes Air and Weights. Gear is not included.

Tour 3: Three Sisters Springs

  • 17 ft. Maximum Depth – Great for Newly Certified or Junior Divers
  • $150.99  2 Diver Rate Per Person, gear not included
  • $300.99 Single Diver, includes gear.
  • $95 for Snorkelers in addition to a diver
  • Snorkeling gear is included
  • Scuba gear rental $40 per person
Diving Certification in Florida

Three Sisters Springs is a complex of three spring areas, with many vents and sand boils that help feed Kings Bay, the headwaters of the Crystal River. These springs also constitute one of the most important natural warm-water refuges for the endangered Florida manatee. The mouth of the Three Sisters run is blocked by concrete posts to prevent boat access; only swimmers, canoers, and kayakers can enter.

The land around the springs is private and posted.
At one time, Three Sisters Springs was used by Jacques Cousteau to help rehabilitate “Sewer Sam,” a manatee named after he became trapped in a Miami sewer system and was subsequently rescued. Cousteau and his crew and volunteers kept Sam in Three Sisters Springs until the manatee was acclimated to the area.

Upon release, Sewer Sam swam out into Kings Bay, where he joined the other manatees gathering there.

NOTE:  3 Sisters Spring is Closed for Scuba Diving from Nov. 15 – March 31. Weeki Wachee and Rainbow River are also great dives for those just starting to explore the underwater realm.