Group Policy

We offer a Non-Profit Group Policy for our Eco Tours & Manatee Tours. We have a Maximum Capacity: 6 people/boat and 6 boats (36 total). To make reservations for your group please call 352-795-7033 Hours 7:00 to 5:00 Eastern 7 Days/Week

We recommend booking your group at earliest convenience. We ask that the group leader confirms the group count two weeks before the tour and the are responsible for payment at this time. We have a 72 hour notice that a group may increase count to fill last boat (multiple of 6) without increasing the number of boats allocated to support the group at the same rate per person.


Saturday/Sunday: $10 discount / person
Monday-Friday: $15 discount / person


Proof of Non-Profit Status to avoid 6% FL sales tax. Single Payment for entire group made by group leader at check in (cash, check, or credit card) Those not included in group payment will be charged the normal tour price.


Please bring completed Liability Waivers for all tour participants. This is for anyone setting foot on the boats. Please provide a “boat assignment” sheet. Showing the names of participants grouped into parties of 6 for assignment to the boats and this will become the boat manifest. Everyone should wear bathing suits, have towels, and bring appropriate clothing to stay warm after their snorkel.

Download Forms

Group Boat Assignment Form Snorkel Waiver Form